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Butmunch as envisaged by his owners, pictured as Quentin Crisp.

Cats top the list of animals that I have found most enjoyable to portray. They really suit the anthropomorphic treatment. They dress up most satisfactorily and can strike a lovely pose too, which helps. Take Master Wiffy for instance, or his real life companion Butmunch, whose owners specifically requested him to be portrayed as Quentin Crisp, they suit their attire and roles.

Not all animals are quite so adaptable though. I would not attempt to paint a hedgehog as Quentin Crisp, it just wouldn’t work. Judging by the heavy breathing and grunts they make when shuffling along beneath the bushes I’d say they are more dirty raincoat types and the girls, though there is little immediately visible to distinguish them from their old boys, remind me of more of bag ladies than cosy Mrs Tiggywinkles.

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