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Bulldogs and Dodgy Chameleons

Despite the garden being all tangled, rotting and winter worn I notice that the birds are already getting rather frisky. The woodpeckers are drilling, doves pursuing each other, bobbing up and down in their courtship dance along next door’s roof ridge and the blackbirds fighting on the lawn. Scuffles are breaking out all over the place. Things are hotting up out there.

The sun has come out too, brightening up the studio no end. My spirits are lifting and the paints are calling me. Having just finished a portrait of Rubble, a fine Brighton Bulldog (a charming chap he is too but with a great penchant for ankles – we all know his sort). Well, now that I’ve shaken him off, no easy task I can tell you, there’s nothing to stop me. It’s gotta be something colourful – more inebriated parrots or some dodgy little chameleons maybe?

Sunny Studio
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