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A New Arrival and Squiffy Squirrels

I have almost finished another painting for the Rogues Gallery.

It is of Master Scuttlebuck, he is a decidedly disreputable coney and definitely one of the notorious Cock Lorel’s band of villains and scoundrels. Cock Lorel himself enjoyed  mythical status in Tudor England and he too will be a worthy subject for the Filthy Beast treatment in the near future, I’m sure.

Drunken Parakeets

In the meantime, in an excuse to paint their wonderful green plumage of course, I have been at work on some drawings of drunken parakeets. The parks of London are quite full of them I hear, along with those dodgy squirrels who will mug you as soon as look at you. I’ve seen this with my own eyes. They are brazen in their naughtiness.

In fact, we had a few squirrels overwintering in the attic of the house in Cambridge. I could swear they were running a crack den up there, coming and going at all hours of day or night, slamming doors, fighting and hanging off the gutters, yelling obscenities at us. It was really quite disgraceful. I am no prude, in fact I consider myself rather tolerant really, but squirrels can get extreme in their riotous behaviour. It may be a little too much to live with but it makes them very desirable subjects to draw.

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