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The Launch and Eastbourne

Greetings from Eastbourne


The arrival of hot weather necessitates a trip to Eastbourne – somewhat less stylish than nearby Brighton – to say the least, so I don’t know why I bother to go there really, it’s hardly the most thrilling of places to visit. Then again, from time to time there are some special sights to be seen that you get nowhere else and there’s a load of gold lame, dangling cossies and spindly legs on the beach. Which the filthy beast in me especially enjoys.

Yes, I can spend a happy hour or two just roaming up and down that seafront. Something is sure to catch my eye. Also, I understand that Eastbourne boasts one of the country’s first playgrounds for the elderly. I guess it has roundabouts and probably swings and slides and all that stuff. Absolutely no children allowed. Whatever goes on there then? Is something stashed away in all those Zimmer frames? How exciting. I must go and check it out.

The Launch

The Badger. A.K.A Jerry
The Badger. A.K.A Jerry

Last week end saw the launch of Filthy Beasts which I have to say I did enjoy. Unfortunately, I forgot to charge my camera battery before leaving home and was only able to get in a couple of shots before it packed up, but here’s one old badger who definitely had a good time. Thank heavens he’s not wearing my old pink dressing gown.


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